Right Angle Prism

///Right Angle Prism

Right Angle Prism

The right-prism has a basic 45-degree right triangle geometry and is one of the most commonly used prisms for redirecting light and rotating images. In this prism, a parallel set of light waves that join one of the smaller prisms at a perpendicular angle is reflected from the hypotenuse face and exits from the other side. Provided the prism is made from a material with a refractive index greater than the square root of 2 (approximately 1.414), the light can undergo absolute internal reflection at the glass/air boundary when within the prism itself.

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Part No.

Size(mm) +/- 3 arc min. +/- 1 arc min. +/- 30 arc sec.
A = B = C = 3.2 PRS0100 PRS0200 PRS0300
A = B = C = 5.0 PRS0101 PRS0201 PRS0301
A = B = C = 10.0 PRS0102 PRS0202 PRS0302
*A = B = C = 12.7 PRS0103 PRS0203 PRS0303
A = B = C = 15.0 PRS0104 PRS0204 PRS0304
A = B = C = 20.0 PRS0105 PRS0205 PRS0305
*A = B = C = 25.4 PRS0106 PRS0206 PRS0306
A = B = C = 30.0 PRS0108 PRS0207 PRS0307
A = B = C = 40.0 PRS0108 PRS0208 PRS0308
A = B = C = 50.8 PRS0109 PRS0209 PRS0309

* Fused silica Standard products are available



BK7, Fused Silica

Diameter Tolerance


Angle Tolerance

See the table

Surface Quality

60-40 scratch and dig

Clear Aperture





Upon request


Protective Bevel

Product Knowledge

A right-angle prism is used as a mirror to deviate light through 90° and also as a retroreflector to deflect light through 180° by total internal reflection.

Core products: as small as 1mm size is available