Penta Prism

Penta Prism

A Penta Prism is a five-sided reflective prism used to scatter a light beam by 90 °. The beam reflects twice inside the prism, allowing an image to be transmitted through a right angle without inverting it (i.e., without altering the handiness of the image) as an ordinary right-angle prism would.

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Product Catalogue

Part No.
Axh (mm) 1 min deviation 30 sec Deviation 10 sec Deviation
7 x 6 PRS1100 PRS1110 PRS1120
10 x 10 PRS1101 PRS1111 PRS1121
15 x 15 PRS1102 PRS1112 PRS1122
20 x 20 PRS1103 PRS1113 PRS1123




Diameter Tolerance(h)


Diameter Tolerance(A)


Surface Quality

60-40 scratch and dig




R > 95% per face @ 630 to 680 nm


Aluminum and black painting are available


Protective Bevel

Product Knowledge

Penta Prism’s essential properties are the

  • The Image is neither reversed nor rotated, only deviating by 90 °.
  • With the prism, a constant angle of deviation refers to all rays transmitted by the useful aperture irrespective of the angles between those rays and the optical axis (or entrance and exit face normal).