High Precision BK7 Windows

///High Precision BK7 Windows

High Precision BK7 Windows

High Precision windows are normally used to isolate and protect components inside from environment, or it acts as a mirror for laser cavity.

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Product Catalogue

Part No.
1′ Parallelism 10″ Parallelism Φ(mm) T(mm)
WIN0110 WIN0218 10.00 6.0
WIN0125 WIN0225 12.7 6.0
WIN0160 WIN0260 25.0 6.0
WIN0163 WIN0263 25.4 6.35
WIN0181 WIN0281 30.0 6.0

* Fused silica Standard products are available



BK7 grade A optical glass

Diameter Tolerance


Thickness Tolerance


Surface Quality

20-10 scratch and dig


See the table

Clear Aperture


Wavefront Distortion

λ/10 per 25mm @632.8nm


Protective Bevel