Half Ball Lens

Half Ball Lens

The hemispheres of the Half-ball lens have uniform light dispersion and are commonly used in LED screens and LED traffic lights, focusing and coupling light. It has many advantages over silicone lens and plastic lens.
Our half-ball lenses are made from BK7, B270, Fused Silica, Sapphire and more. We can also deliver custom Half-Ball lenses and alternative materials in a range of diameters.

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Product Catalogue

Part No. Dia. (mm) Tc (mm)
 LEN6030 3.0 1.5
LEN6040 4.0 2
LEN6050 5.0 2.5
LEN6057 5.7 2.9
LEN6060 6.0 3.0
LEN6065 6.5 3.3
LEN080 8.0 4.0
LEN6160 16.0 8.0



BK7, B270, Borosilicate glass, UV Fused Silica or any other glass/crystal material

Refractive Index




Diameter Tolerance



from ball lens to very thin lens, any height customers specified

Height Tolerance


Surface Quality

80-60 scratch and dig


<0.2mm, <0.1mm

Product Knowledge

1. Even dispersion of light in LED displays
2. fibre-optical connections
3. LED industry, high power and UV LED
4. fiber coupling applications
5. Check ball valves.
6. Bar-code scanners.
7. Bearing System