Ball Lenses

Ball Lenses

A special type of thick biconvex optical lens is a Ball lens that usually has a sphere geometric shape. These are made of a single material such as BK7 or other optical glass/Fused Silica/CaF2 which is a commonly used material for ball lenses.

The smallest lens we produced is < 0.5 mm. We can process ball lenses using all types of glass material. Our price for PV industry may be as low as USD0.02/pcs. We are developing CSD-based AR-coating to provide a low-cost PV-coating solution.

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Product Catalogue

Part No. Dia. (mm)
 LEN6530 3.0
LEN6540 4.0
LEN6550 5.0
LEN6557 5.7
LEN6560 6.0
LEN6565 6.5
LEN6580 8.0
LEN6660 16.0



BK7 or other optical glass, Fused Silica, CaF2

Diameter Tolerance




Surface Quality

40-20 scratch and dig

Product Knowledge

Special Features

  • 3 days delivery for on-shelf products or 2 weeks for samples
  • Free design service
  • ODM or OEM services available
  • Supports from Canada office


  1. Balls Lens is ideal for focusing light into fibres. Ball lens applications that are commonly used in fibre optic technologies such as laser-to-fibre coupling, Fiber-to-fiber coupling, Fiber-to-detector coupling and Fiber-to-detector coupling applications.
  2. ball lens can be used in the area of solar energy.
  3. Ball lenses are widely used for collimating and focusing lasers.
  4. Ball lens used in devices such as endoscopes, microscopes and barcode scanners.