Z-Optics provides visible and infrared laser modules with circular, elliptic, linear, and cross-hair beam profiles in a variety of packages and configurations at very competitive prices. Our engineers have optics, crystal and laser background, years experiences in laser module design and production, which make us competitive in integrating the optics, electrics and laser together according to the requirements of customers. We promise one week delivery time for samples and 1-2 weeks for mass order.


Our Capability: Super Linearity and Flatness – A line laser module is developed, with only <2mm height difference over 1x1m2 flat surface, visible or infrared wavelength.Super Small Laser Module – A 650nm laser module is developed, with only 3.3mm diameter.Super directivity – the beam spot lies on the centre line of the laser module by fine design and adjustment.A 532nm laser module is under developing, which has the widest operation temperature window, -10~+50 Celsius degree. The most power-saving 532nm laser module is under developing

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